ired of being ignored by the FBI hot-line, Peter Manning jumps the fishing ship and offers TV journalist Judy Nash exclusive proof of Sara Collins's former identity Nicky Johnson. A blue-tooth in the Quarry tunnel is identified with Marcy's boyfriend Ben Wilson's cellphone number. At a meeting, Ben assures Marcy he was just paid to deliver the money, unrelated to the Collins family, but it went wrong and he wants it back; she explains the sweatshirt-bringer took it from her car, which is later found abandoned in the some wood, she phones only Max and stays with Ben. Amanda's corps is ruined by a cooling failure before the cause of death is established, Kelson believes it's no accident. Jessica Nevins is apprehended after a traced visit from Max; questioning brings Kelson nothing, her secret is she knew about Sara's pre-Jeffrey daughter. The senator gets, on a cell phone locked in his desk for a week, a $5,000,000 ransom demand by noon, no FBI, and considers it, but the FBI sees on surveillance his chief of staff J.T. Morse receiving a suspicious briefcase on a parking lot from Annabeth Townsend, personal secretary of real estate tycoon Lance Dunbar, a major campaign contributor, who just withdrew $5,000,000 from accounts- the senator shows the money and the ransom message, impossible to trace. When the colt used to kill Mark Valera is found in Ben's guitar-case, Kelson has him publicly declared wanted; he hides with Marcy at detox-girl-friend Quinn's; Marcy's betrayal gets him arrested, then the money is found, planted in his car. The next ransom instructions, by fax, barely leave time to wire the senator, Kelson thinks the exchange site too convenient and indeed the instructions prove a surprising show...

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