en Wilson is questioned hard by FBI Agent Graham Kelton, but maintains even to his court-appointed lawyer Brent Sullivan to be innocent of the killing. Alas Marcy Collins (there are various flash-backs about them becoming an item) testified against him, but tells her dad Ben was set up and is the father of her baby; Ben refuses to see her again; Quinn's number is disconnected. Jessica tells her ex, the senator, that the kids now need both of them. TV recordings learn Kelton there must have been a video in the elevator, the senator keeps silent about the cryptic real demand on it, which he believes to be to support the presidential nomination for Supreme Court. Kelton's young daughter got another Nathan prayer card from an unknown man in church, with an address on it, now flooded by Atlanta's Acacia City reservoir; sneaking around it, Kelton sees men, gets held at gun point, struggles, is saved from strangulation by his partner. Sonar finds a body in the water, in a flooded confederate war graveyard; it's only a statue, but for a Yankee and once again carries a Masonic symbol, which is both G and 9. Judy Nash digs into Nick Johnson's past. The reservoir probably was the project the mayor's wife's kidnapping was to force his hand about, hence she was drowned there.

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