eeing his wife's cell video, senator Jeffrey Collins is prepared to surrender his Supreme Court confirmation vote. Reporter Tierce Adams found a local witness that a Jane Doe buried twelve years ago was Nicky Jones, so apparently Sara Collins has no such past as Peter Manning claimed, but the witness was bought and gets murdered. Judy now looks professionally dubious, her TV station's log suggests her lover and cameraman Adam Putnam deleted Peter Manning's video, he denies and breaks up. Quinn still won't talk to Agent Graham Kelton. Kelton and Lin Mei search for the source of recent video surveillance footage of Sara found on her laptop as it also sent the signal. Judge Wallace Rainer is too high up, but Judy can have him snooped for Kelson, who will in return have the Nicky corps examined. Max is stopped hitting a telephone pole, drunk without a license, in the senator's car, dad is reluctant to send him back to Encompass rehab clinic. Jessica Nevins tells Marcy about Sara's bastard daughter twelve years ago, asking her to keep the secret. Phones bills prove Rainer phoned Marcy on a line in senator Jeffrey Collins's name till till the day of his nomination; she also called him 20 times, and admits having seen him, Sara caught them and told the senator Wallace had 'an' under-age girlfriend. Judy suggests Peter to convince Sara's parents, the Jeromes, to make his story credible again, they refuse to receive him but there is a twelve-year old girl he guesses to be his daughter. A masonic expert can't verify the upside G doubling as a 9. Hi-tech expert Zach is on to the signal's trace, in an empty field- it's re-transmitted by a mysterious black box mounted on a TV signal post- it is part of a FIMA communications network the kidnappers used as private cell phone. Kelton finds an impossible shadow change: it's doctored. A lightening sound allows to identify the transmitting black box was on Stone Mountain. The senator says on TV he'll confirm Wallace Rainer. In a mountain cabin where she was probably held, the FBI finds blood of Sara's type, in fact hers, but no body- Graham is too late.

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