gent Graham Kelton informs senator Collins, before the confirmation vote, that his wife is brutally murdered, the body missing; he tells Marcy and swears to punish the Rainer-camp, against the president; Jenifer offers to hold the fort while he's in Washington. After Judy bragged back to Tiersa Adams, she's followed by the false witness's murderer to the studio archive but both escape. Promises of political career support convince Kelton's FBI Supervisor, Kyle Tyner, to hand Collins's chief of staff confidential investigation files, allowing him to warn off Jenifer, who still refuses to be paid off. His ex Ava reminds Kelton it's their daughter's first communion day. Graham goes on TV about an inexistent license plate '1N8N', hoping to contact the Nathan card sender, but is put on administrative leave, pending internal investigation in Washington. In church, Kelton finds an ear piece the Nathan informant uses to name murdered politicians in the plot, claiming Rainer's confirmation will be the beginning of the end; Kelton tells reluctant Agent Lin Mei to pull their crash 'accident' files. In Washington, Judy Nash gets frisky again with her ex, Agent Daniel Lucas, who next orders his former roommate Kelton to announce Sara's death on TV and take six months paid leave; an anonymous package leads Kelton to Transport official Joan McInerney, who reports his call as a serious threat over a black-box line. A lab technician finds an improbably low white blood cell count in Sarah- the blood was diluted, she may still be alive; Kelton breaks US Senate security to get to senator Collins before he casts the decisive vote, gets cornered, has a computer expert fake a biological threat so the building is evacuated, tells Jeffrey Sara is alive- and is shot, by the witness-killer.

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