eter finds out about Nina and Cameron's affair from the accident and throws Nina out of their home. He then turns to Sunny for comfort. Nina finishes it with Cameron when she sees how much she has lost because of their affair. Galina lies to Damien about how she got bruising saying it was Razmik but Frankie has an encounter with Razmik's wife Judy who sets the record straight. Knowing that she's about to be kicked out of Damien's life for good she concocts a story about being pregnant with Damien's baby. Elsewhere, Maggie is highly suspicious of her brother Ramon's new fiancée Becca which is confirmed when she overhears Becca talking derogatorily about Ramon to a friend. Later, Ramon tells her that Becca has gone and that she should go back to what she used to love - nursing. Sean becomes highly suspicious of Tally when he finds she had Zoe's missing millions and is even more furious with her when he discovers that the money he asked her to give to the police is not done. At her motel, Tally later tells Sean that she accidentally killed Zoe and needs some of the money to get away. Leaving the motel she has an argument with Sean which the motel clerk reports. Trying to stop him Sean is shot in the stomach. Tally runs from the motel with the money leaving Sean bleeding.

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