fter spending their first night together Sunny tells Peter that she lied about the ticket and that the ticket was indeed Kimberly's. Peter is furious with her as he defended her. An injured Sean goes to Maggie's asking for her help and he eventually gets her to help him find incriminating evidence about Tally. He is then admitted to hospital by Maggie when the bullet starts to cause problems. After his operation Detective Sinclaire arrests him telling him that Tally has come forward and accused him of killing her sister Zoe. Frankie finds Galina's pregnancy test and is uncomfortable when Galina and Damien meet. Damien wants Galina to take a paternity test. Galina tells Damien she is a carrier for a rare blood disease. Frankie strikes up a friendship with the hotel owner's cute son Walker Keyton. Nina asks for Peter's help in telling the kids that she's not coming home. Violet takes it particularly bad and leaves the house unknown to Peter and Nina. Beth meets Pascal again by accident and invites him out to dinner. He tells her his name isn't Pascal and he's not from France but Scotland and did so as all the best jobs go to French chefs. Beth is not amused and leaves him. Later, she finds that 300,000 has been taken from her bank account and confronts Cameron. He tells her that he has a half-sister whom he wanted to help out and gave her a luxury around the world cruise trip.

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