ave Park is arrested when Tally's stolen millions are found in his office. Galina tells Damien that Razmik has left his wife and they are going back to Russia to raise the baby. Peter and Nina go to counseling and after wards they decide to try and reconcile for the sake of their kids but Peter's not sure that her feelings for Cameron have completely gone away. Peter finally decides he cannot trust her and tells her to go to Cameron. Kimberly goes to see her ex-husband Michael. Beth gets a call from the adoption agency to say that she will be able to adopt her Chinese baby girl. She also asks Cameron for a divorce. He goes to the airport with Beth and asks to go with her. At the same time Nina arrives at the airport and realizes she is too late. Sean gives Tally an ultimatum - leave with 100,000 or stay and tell the truth to the police. Elsewhere, Frankie goes out to a club with Walker Keyton and on her return Damien gives her a promise ring which she doesn't accept as she is unaware of how she really feels. Frankie, however, then gets disturbing news about her father and on her way to see Damien she is abducted. Sean hires a helicopter and throws a bag full of 100 dollar notes down onto to the streets below.

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