icki is hired by the widow of lawyer Fred Stamp who was found dead in his office building elevator. The coroner has ruled it a heart attack and the police have decided there is no crime to investigate. Mrs. Stamp does have a a creepy and threatening message on her husband's voice mail that points to one of his former clients, Magnus O'Connor, who is now in prison. Vicki gets Det. Mike Celucci to look up O'Connor's record which dates back to his teen years. He also finds something even more interesting: O'Connor committed suicide a few days before Stamp died. When the prosecutor in O'Connor's case is also found dead, it becomes apparent that someone is seeking revenge. When Vicki learns that O'Connor had carved a pentagram on his chest before committing suicide, she asks Henry to help her get information about ghosts and spirits. The person he takes her to has her own interest in Henry however.

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