aving been ordered by Pancho to stay away from Duque Rum for a period of time Alex searches for something to do but with his family but cannot get them on board so he seeks out the company of Ramon and two of his crew Petey and Chicho who are heading to the Caribbean. But far from the trip being a getaway break for Ramon & his crew Alex learns that they are only there to avenge the shooting and robbery of Chicho which happened previously in Miami. Meanwhile, Jamie tells Rebecca that his friends are planning a bachelor party for him and he intends to go. She asks him not too since they are married but he refuses which prompts her to go reluctantly on her own bachelorette party. But both Jamie and Rebecca are similarly unhappy at each party and leave. Elsewhere, Hudson makes his move on Isabel with Alex away and Henry joins the Duque team and suggests that Duque go into the beer trade until Duque Rum's sales start to climb again but Pancho is not amused.

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