ucy Spiller is the ambitious, ruthless, cynical, and scheming editor of two Hollywood tabloid magazines, 'Dirt' and 'Now' and who's masterful at using threats and manipulation to dig up dirt on celebrities. Aided by resourceful paparazzi Don Konkey, a mentally unbalanced schizophrenic, Lucy zeroes in on struggling actor Holt McLaren, who needs favorable publicity and whose rising-star girlfriend, Julia Mallory, is well-connected to some dirt when Holt leaks info about Julia's superstar actress friend, Kira Klay's pregnancy, but later regrets it. While stemming off her demanding employer, Dirt's publisher Brett Barrow, Lucy is also very lonely and hides her unhappiness and loneliness behind aggression and a mean-spirited attitude. Meanwhile, Don zeros his attention of basketball superstar Prince Tyreese who's having an affair with a local prostitute, while Don suffers from periodic hallucinations from his mental disorder and caring for his sick pet cat. Holt also learns about some dirt that Lucy and Don have on Julia involving a porno tape in order to keep him in line as their source of information.

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