illa's excitement over her first story fades when her source, Maddy, takes back her story about the cheerleader murder by claiming that her minister father did not kill her friend, but she did herself. But Willa is not sure if Maddy is lying just to protect her father. Meanwhile, Lucy's relationship with her brother, Leo, and her business is put in jeopardy by Jack Dawson's lawsuit against the magazine after Dawson cries entrapment at Leo for outing his homosexuality. Don becomes involved with a coffee shop waitress, while Holt finally discovers that he has digestive worms, and also finally realizes the seriousness of Julia's drug addiction after she has a sordid night-out with Garbo and her friends. Holt stages an intervention for Julia to get her into rehab. Also, Brent makes a move unto Willa and plans her as his latest sexual conquest.

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