ucy is unconscious and in the hospital after the brutal knife attack by Julia Mallory, who blames 'Dirt Now' for the destruction of her career. Don has a hard time after finding Lucy near-death and his schizophrenia begins taking a toll. Meanwhile, Holt's fame is rising, as Willa begins to rise at 'Dirt Now' in following down Lucy's ruthless and aggressive nature. Lucy prematurely returns to work when she hears that 'Dirt Now' is behind in sales and she hires a new employee, Farber Kauffman, whom she assigns alongside Willa to seek out a story about a pregnant gold-digger, named Martina Linn, and her objective to acquire her late husband's money. Also, Don and Lucy try to find dirt on starlet Sharlee Cates who may have some connections to the drug world.

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