ecause of his illegitimate son and his bribing of a court official Brian is suspended from the ministry for six months and advised to undergo counseling. He asks Tripp for a job in order to find himself. Simon Elder tells Nick that he is dating Karen and wants to know if he is OK with it. Carmelita calls Patrick to tell him she thinks she's been followed. Kai, a guy Juliet met in the Seychelles, arrives for a two-week stay. Karen meets Simon's ex-wife at dinner. Later she attends the annual performance of The Nutcracker at the Tripp residence. Jeremy and Lisa smoke marijuana at the gallery and he makes a pass at her. The following day the marijuana smell which has permeated a piece of art causes Lisa to get fired. Jeremy finally tells Sofia who he really is but it causes her to leave him. Clark calls Patrick to tell him that Carmelita has gone. Nick and Lisa decide to try for another baby and Karen meets her father to assure her father that she is not getting emotionally involved with Simon Elder and that things are going as planned.

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