pring Break is over, and so are all of Blair's days of hiding away. Finally, after three weeks, she comes back to school, with an unpleasant welcome by Jenny and the "in" crowd, who throw ice cream in her hair. Serena believes that being mean was got Blair kicked out of the "in" crowd in the first place and dethroned "Queen Bee." When Jenny asks Blair to meet her at Butter along with all of Blair's former friends, Serena finds it the perfect opportunity for Blair to show just how nice she is. But the situation goes from nice to sour when Jenny and her friends purposely don't show up, leaving Blair all alone. Meanwhile, Jenny needs something to wear for her 15th birthday party, and eventually ends up stealing one of her friend's mother's dresses in exchange for a $1,200 dress in an exchange shop. But when Jenny tries to get it back, she learns the red dress is over $8,000. Once again, Jenny steals the red dress, throwing her coat over the dress. She comes home to a 15th birthday party created by none other than Blair, who talked to Jenny's dad, and made the birthday party as lame as possible. While Jenny's dad doesn't realize how lame the party is, Jenny's friends do, and are about to leave when they find Jenny wearing the red dress. They ditch the birthday party and meet Blair at Butter. Thinking quickly, Jenny sneaks out and has Nate accompany her to Butter. Jenny's friends are pleased that Nate, who they are attracted to, is hanging out with them, and "forget" the incident with the dress, leaving Blair friendless once again. Also, Serena adjusts to her new living conditions with Chuck, but when she receives inappropriate gifts, she believes Chuck sent them. But, at the very end of the episode, she learns who really sent them, and it wasn't Chuck.

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