lair is against the idea of her mother, Eleanor, with a new man in her life, named Cyrus Rose, and she in her natural and evil ways, does everything in her power to make it impossible for them to be together by trying to break them up when Cyrus throws Blair a party for her 18th birthday. Meanwhile, Jenny and Agnes move in together against Rufus protest, while they try to look for a buyer in the wake of Jenny's fashion show. But when Jenny goes behind Agnes back to exclude her from their business when Agnes cannot be counted on for her slacking off, Agnes learns about Jenny's betrayal and retaliates by setting fire to all of Jenny's designs and throws her out onto the street. Elsewhere, Serena and Aaron fall for each other, but something about Aaron threatens to ruin their new relationship as well as Aaron's father whom happens to be Cyrus. Also, Dan and Chuck are at war again due to Dan's true interest in Chuck's father Bart over his past business deals.

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