lair and her 'Gossip Posse' Yuki, Nelly, et al, interview different girls to decide whether or not they would be inducted into their 'gossip clique'. Dan bumps into new student Amanda and they form an instant bond however, Blair and her squad attempt to sabotage Dan and Amanda's friendship by inducting her as the new girl in their 'clique'. Dan turns to Chuck for advice on this current situation when he feels uncomfortable about Serena sliding back into her old habits, while Chuck has an agenda of his own to square off. Meanwhile, Vanessa discovers that Nate's lustful tryst with Duchess Catherine has taken a dark turn when Vanessa discovers Catherine with someone else, and she turns to Blair for assistance. As Serena begins to slide back into her former self, even Jenny is bullied and frowned upon by the the 'gossip posse', and Dan inadvertently falls into the same. Elsewhere, Lily returns from her honeymoon, while Bart stays in China on business, and she contact Rufus to asks to spend time with him, but after struggling refuses to offer her any support or sympathy.

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