n New York, Peter Petrelli is the younger brother of Nathan Petrelli, an overly ambitious and unscrupulous candidate for the next New York congressman. Peter begins having strange dreams and begins to believe that he can fly, but Nathan is skeptic to his younger brother's claims. Peter decides to prove his theory and jumps from the roof of a building in an alley and his brother flies and saves him... revealing that Nathan has the ability to fly, not Peter. In Texas, cheerleader Claire Bennet learns that she is literally indestructible and can not harm herself or die. She saves a fireman from a fire on a derailed train, but does not take the credit. In Tokyo, Hiro Nakamura believes he can control time and space continuum and goes on a quest to convince his co-worker, Ando, of his power. In India, Mohinder Suresh moves to Brooklyn, New York, where his father who was researching a secret project, called Genesis, about genome and DNA, is killed in a taxi cab. But a mysterious man wearing horn-rimmed glasses might pose a threat to him. In Lower Manhattan, artist Isaac Mendez paints pictures of the future in which his girlfriend and drug sponsor, Simone, is skeptic to his claims to see in the future. In Las Vegas, stripper Niki Sanders borrows $30,000 from a powerful local mobster to get her young son, Micah, into school, but does not have the money to pay back her loan. She sees a different image of her in the mirror, and when two gangsters come to her house to collect the money, one of them hits her and she faints. Later Niki wakes up, and the two thugs are dead... literally torn apart by her evil alter ego Jessica. In Los Angeles, Matt Parkman is an overly ambitious beat policeman who discovers that he can 'read' peoples thoughts and is forced to help the FBI search for a wanted Saudi national, named Amid, who also discovers that he has the ability to create nuclear radiation in which his former AQ cell wants him to build a nuclear bomb for them. In Utah, Niki's husband and Micah's father, D.L. imprisoned for robbery charges, discovers that he can literally 'walk' through walls.

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