asir has rented space in the local church under the guise of using it as an office for his construction business, but really is using it as an Islamic mosque for the local Muslim community in addition. This act coincides with the arrival from Toronto of Amaar, who Yasir hired as the new Imam to replace Baber, deemed too orthodox in his views. Amaar's arrival also coincides with the start of Ramadan, a celebration on which there is much community dissent both concerning how to calculate when it begins, and what food should be served after the fast: Fatima wants a traditional goat feast, whereas Sarah, going back to her western roots, wants a lighter meal of cucumber sandwiches. But bigger problems ensue when Reverend Magee and the town finds out about the mosque. Amaar, the new spokesperson for the Islamic faith in Mercy, isn't very proficient in his public relations attempt, in part due to his Toronto background, and makes matters worse after appearing on Fred's radio show. Perhaps Amaar isn't cut out to be an Imam, and he contemplates heading back to Toronto, that is if he can get a one-way ticket back after his supposed terrorist remark on his flight from Toronto. But all is well for Amaar in Mercy when Reverend Magee supports the mosque, just as long the Muslim community is on the up and up with him about their goings-on in the church. Realistically, Reverend Magee does exactly the opposite of Fred's editorials.

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