aber is facing a battle of the generations and a battle of the sexes. His daughter Layla, participating in a fund-raising run, is irking her dad with her choice of running attire. She also experiences her first period, which she hides from Baber since that transition into womanhood means that she must now wear a shawl over her head. Rather than face the battle with her right now, he decides to wait until at least next month. At the mosque, his battle of the sexes concerns his want to erect a barrier between the men and women prayer areas. The feminist Rayyan thinks this medieval thinking. Fred even comes to the rally cry for the women of Mercy. However, the situation is not that cut and dry as traditional Muslim Fatima wants the barrier. Finally, Amaar as the Imam, makes his decision: half the mosque will have the barrier, half the mosque will not, so that each person can make up his and her own mind where he/she wants to pray. No one is happy, but as Amaar says, unhappiness is the Muslim way.

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