o reach out to the non-Muslim residents of Mercy, Amaar wants the mosque to hold an open house. First he needs Yasir, through one of his electrician subcontractors, to fix the problem wiring in the mosque. Businessman Yasir doesn't have the time to participate since it's his busy season, but changes his tune once he learns he can hand out business cards at the open house. Trying to cut corners, non-electrician Yasir decides to fix the wiring himself. The mayor loves the idea of the open house, especially since she sees it as a good photo op and can push her tax plan to the attendees. The open house looks to be moving forward and well attended if only because Fatima is catering and despite Fred's anti-Muslim rantings on his radio show. However Fatima, Rayyan and Baber threaten to boycott the event unless each is allowed to make presentations, to which Amaar ultimately but reluctantly agrees. The big event arrives and everything seems to be going smoothly, that is until Yasir's wiring repair job short-circuits and causes a small smoke fire which brings in the fire department and ruins the open house. It's just another bump in the road for the Mercy Mosque.

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