atima and Rayyan are on a crusade to get a female lifeguard at the pool. Rayyan has suggested to Fatima, who has sprained her knee, that taking the women's aquafit class would help recovery, but as Muslims they cannot appear in their bathing suits in front men. They feel they can't take the class as the lifeguard/aquafit instructor is male Johnny, despite the fact that Johnny is gay and has no interest in Fatima, Rayyan or any woman. The mayor agrees to hire a female lifeguard/aquafit instructor if they can find the money in the city's budget and if Rayyan and Fatima can get 150 signatures on a petition. As Rayyan and Fatima proceed on their mission, Sarah tries to thwart her daughter's task as the money in the budget is coming from a business trip she has planned to China. As such, she tricks Fred into supporting her view, Fred who causes a media maelstrom around the issue of kowtowing to the Muslim community. Rayyan finds out and is angry with her mother. Ultimately, the pool pump breaks and both Sarah's trip to China and the female lifeguard are nixed in order to fix the pump. That means that Fatima will just have to cover up to attend Johnny's aquafit class. Meanwhile, it's Halloween and Fatima's son, Jamal, and Baber's daughter, Layla, want to partake in the western ritual. Fatima allows Jamal to but Baber thinks it's an evil practice. Amaar, wanting to support the youth, allows them to partake under the guise of calling it Halaloween, and they must dress up as items from the Koran. Jamal and Layla's costumes as a fig and olive don't go over well in general, but their escort Baber, wearing his own clothes, becomes the hit of Halloween dressed as "the terrorist".

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