White" Marlon is a new convert to Islam. He is extreme in his beliefs and denounces those who are not as devout as he. His arrival sparks talk about Sarah's faith, or lack of, as a former convert to Islam. She bets Rayyan that she can so be a good Muslim by praying five times a day for the next month. This proves to be a little more difficult than expected as she prays all the time and gets no sleep, which affects her job and her relationships. Back with Marlon, Baber is excited to see such enthusiasm for the faith, until he spends time alone with Marlon. After that, Baber, like everyone else, thinks Marlon has gone just a little too far in his beliefs. Yasir, Sarah, Rayyan, Fatima and Baber decide that they need to get Marlon to "quit" being a Muslim, and pull a prank on him showing that the Muslims of Mercy are not devout and thus not worth being with. After the prank, they feel they have done the wrong thing by trying to deflate someone else's faith in Islam. However, Marlon, a spiritual shopper, does decide on his own, that Islam is not for him and moves onto Reverend Magee's parish.

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