everend Magee isn't looking forward to the Archdeacon Gladwin's upcoming visit. The reverend is worried about the increasing money issues due to declining attendance, and he can't let the very strict archdeacon know that what little money is coming in is coming from Muslim rent. Yasir suggests that a full congregation for the archdeacon's sermon would be a good idea, those people being the Muslims. They get a crash course in Christianity from ex-Anglican Sarah, who was as devout a Christian as she is a Muslim. But what's worse is the fact that the archdeacon arrives a few days early. The archdeacon sees the obvious Muslim faces in the congregation but only thinks that the reverend has done a good conversion job. The plan goes awry when Baber, who was not told of the plan, erects a new larger and audio-ized Mercy Mosque sign above the church door just as the archdeacon has finished his service inside. But the archdeacon isn't upset. Rather he extorts the Muslims rent money - he wants to make sure that the archdiocese gets its fair share of the rent money. Utimately it's Yasir who pays the price. Meanwhile, Fred is having lower back problems. He goes to both Fatima and Rayyan for a mixture of traditional Nigerian and western medicine to ease his ailment.

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