asir's overbearing mother comes to town, wanting Yasir to take a second wife, specifically a widowed woman back in Lebanon. Obviously, Sarah is outraged, not only with her mother-in-law's request, but also with the way that Yasir kowtows to his mother's every wish. Since Yasir, Sarah and Mother Hamoudi can't resolve their problem, Sarah moves out and ends up sleeping in Ann's office. Based on an off the cuff comment by ex-lawyer Amaar, Yasir thinks his solution is to show Mother Hamoudi a fake pre-nuptial agreement between himself and Sarah stating that he can't take another wife. The ruse works on both Mother Hamoudi and Sarah, who moves home. Meanwhile, Reverend Magee is facing a marriage issue of another kind. Johnny and his partner want to get married at the church, which the reverend sanctions. But a gay marriage sparks debate amongst the townsfolk. The Muslim community has its own issues with this marriage. Baber can't and won't pray in a mosque that shares the building with church that welcomes, in Baber's words, drag queers. But finding another building as the mosque proves to be a challenge for him. And as much as Fatima doesn't approve of homosexuality, she agrees to cater the wedding since good food is more important than improper sexual behaviour. Ultimately Johnny and his partner close the issue when they decide to hold their wedding elsewhere, namely in a church in Toronto with a spa that gives free massages. Thus, there won't be any weddings this week in the Mercy Mosque / Mercy Anglican.

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