eff, a non-Muslim fireman, is attracted sexually to Rayyan. All the women of Mercy are attracted to Jeff, but Rayyan, the good Muslim, keeps her distance. However, the whole town is talking about Rayyan and Jeff, even though they're not even dating. Sarah, Layla, the mayor and Rayyan's nurse are excited. Yasir is concerned and decides to meet Jeff under false pretenses. Baber thinks Rayyan is setting a bad example and as such threatens to send Layla away to an Islamic boarding school to get her away from Rayyan's bad example. But Amaar, who reprimands Rayyan - perhaps as a display of jealousy - makes Rayyan reconsider Jeff's date proposal. After Jeff tries to kiss Rayyan on their date, Rayyan realizes that she is just using Jeff and decides that Islam is too important to her to risk dating a non-Muslim.

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