ayyan wants to assert what she states as more feminine control over the mosque by wanting to make the community announcements at Friday prayers instead of an ailing Baber, but in reality she herself wants more control. Amaar, calling Rayyan's bluff, appoints Sarah to make the community announcements instead. Sarah, in the job, is different than Rayyan would have wanted, and Sarah gets mixed reviews. Ultimately, Rayyan does achieve her original goal of having a role of responsibility at the mosque, but it ends up not quite being what she envisioned. Meanwhile, Yasir has lost the contract for property maintenance of the local cemetery because of lack of cemetery business. In order to regain the contract, Yasir decides to market the remaining plots at the cemetery as a "Muslim cemetery". Everyone at the mosque is excited about the prospect of being buried amongst fellow Muslims, except an ambivalent Amaar who does not want to die in Mercy. Their excitement changes to consternation when they see that their eternal resting place faces directly on a cowboy's saloon. But an enterprising Yasir finds another new and more excited market for those cemetery plots. However, a small mistake is going to cost profit-focused Yasir financially in the end.

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