hile Ann is away on vacation for ten days, Sarah pleads to be Acting Mayor. Ann agrees, but Sarah takes the job a little more seriously than Ann would have liked. Sarah faces her first big test when Joe knocks over and breaks the "Welcome to Mercy" highway sign. In replacing the sign, Sarah takes Baber's idea of placing Chinese on it to respect their Chinese sister city. Baber also suggests putting Arabic on it and the Italian Association suggests putting Italian on it and the Association for the Blind suggests putting braille on it and so on and so forth. When Sarah unveils the new sign, all languages seem to be covered except English. Sarah is not the only one facing problems in her new role. Yasir is feeling a little emasculated in his role as first lady, especially when he is asked to make a speech to the ladies auxiliary. Wanting to regain his manhood, he speaks about a subject near and dear to his heart: power tools. He decides to make it a broader public initiative. Sarah isn't too happy with him doing this, until he uses the opportunity to help her out in her role as Acting Mayor. Meanwhile, Duncan is expressing himself through painting. He isn't very good at it. Amaar doesn't want to hurt Duncan's feelings but the paintings are so bad and somewhat scary that Amaar also wants him to stop.

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