n Baber's directive, Layla gets an internship. What he doesn't count on is that she gets an internship at the radio station with Fred as her boss. Layla likes the job, but doesn't like Fred's manipulation of their personal relationship, which he uses on air to further denigrate Muslims. But Fred starts to change his tune after seeing Layla as a real person and not just an unknown Muslim. Ultimately, Layla decides to sacrifice her professional aspirations to do a Fred a business favor. Meanwhile, Yasir is in the running to get a government contract building a pumping substation in Mercy. The problem is that he knows nothing about pumping substations. He enlists the help of J.J., the son of his former business partner, J.J. who happens to be an engineer. J.J. is also Rayyan's geeky childhood friend. But J.J. has grown up into a successful, handsome man. With J.J.'s help, Yasir gets the contract, but what's better for Yasir is that there seems to be a spark between J.J. and Rayyan. Yasir suggests setting up Rayyan and J.J. in an arranged marriage. Both Sarah and Rayyan are initially offended by the thought, but Rayyan internally has other thoughts. Because of the known sexual tension that has always existed between herself and Amaar, she instead turns to Reverend Magee for advice.

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