asir approaches J.J. with the idea of an arranged marriage with Rayyan. J.J. is slightly taken aback until he finds out that Rayyan has agreed to this, which means she likes him. J.J. agrees. The concept of chaperoned dates is awkward for Rayyan, J.J., Yasir and Sarah. The other person taken slightly aback is Amaar. Amaar ends up staying with the Hamoudis after a break in at the mosque, the apartment above where Amaar lives, Amaar arriving at the Hamoudis just in time for Rayyan and J.J.'s date at the house. But what's worse is that in the close quarters, Amaar sees Rayyan in the Muslim equivalent of being naked. Rayyan feels she and J.J. need to get away from Amaar, and thus go on a daytime hike date with Baber as chaperon. The date goes awry as Baber takes his role as hiker a little more seriously than that of chaperon. Meanwhile, Amaar is obviously bothered, but he attributes it to the break-in. Others assume otherwise.

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