n an effort to be more popular, Layla decides to put subtle streaks in her hair. However leaving the bleach on too long makes the streaks a little more noticeable than she wanted. To hide the too obvious dye job from Baber, she decides to start wearing the hijab at home. Baber is thrilled, but soon begins to suspect she has ulterior motives. When Baber finds out about the dye job, he decides to confront Layla on her home turf: school. She is forced to either come clean to Baber or wear the hijab at school. Ultimately the tables are turned when Layla wants to wear the hijab after a compliment from the school's "it" girl, Kelly. Meanwhile, Dave Sharpe, manager of the local cable access station, asks Amaar to host a new show on Muslim. The only reason Dave wants Amaar is that he has an "ethnic" quota and the host of the show on Judaism just quit. Regardless, Amaar agrees and sees the opportunity solely to sermonize. However, being cable access, there is little money, and Amaar is forced to use the Judaism show's set and titles. Yasir sees building a new set as a good commercial for his construction company. The show is a flop until Rayyan appears as a guest, she who has natural screen presence. Dave wants her to be the regular host, or at least co-host, to which a jealous Amaar cannot refuse. But continued interference from Yasir and Sarah causes Amaar and Rayyan to do whatever they can to have the show canceled. They get their wish. But Dave still has his quota issue with which to deal.

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