aber gets into a physical altercation, the frustration from which causes him to get into a car accident with the parked car of his nemesis. The accident results in Baber getting a back injury. He'd go to the town's only chiropractor to get his back looked at, but the chiropractor happens to be his nemesis. Instead, Rayyan prescribes him a painkiller which has unintended and unwanted results. Meanwhile, Yasir has returned from Dubai. He's in the doghouse with Sarah as he forgot to buy her a gift. But Yasir comes back to some other news: J.J. wants to marry Rayyan. But first, J.J.'s father, as is Muslim custom, has to speak to Yasir to arrange for the marriage to happen. Before this discussion, news slowly leaks of J.J.'s intentions, resulting in mixed reactions. Yasir is excited and preoccupied about J.J.'s father's impending telephone call from Dubai. Sarah is mad as she feels a wedding should be all about the mother, which this doesn't seem to be. Amaar is brooding as he feels he let Rayyan slip away. And Rayyan thinks long and hard about what she still considers to be ultimately her decision. Baber finally convinces Amaar that he has to tell Rayyan his true feelings. Will he be too late?

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