bored Rayyan, who is on a break from work, has a double effect on Amaar. First, she agrees to help him with his youth fair, which he has coined Islamapalooza. And second, she comments on his cough, which starts a cycle of other off the cuff medical advice to him, resulting in him having a case of what she suspects is hypochondria. However when no one shows up to Islamapalooza, Rayyan changes her medical diagnosis of Amaar. She nows suspects that Amaar had the flu, which he unsuspectingly passed on to all the Muslim children in Mercy. Rayyan also has an effect on her mother. Gambling is considered a sin in Islam, and as such, Rayyan tries to convince her mother to stop buying lottery tickets. However Sarah can't resist the urge, and she ends up winning $5,000 on her latest buy. She unsuccessfully tries to hide this fact from Rayyan. Ann advises Sarah to guilt Rayyan into accepting the lottery win by lavishing gifts on her. However, good Muslim Sarah decides to be more philanthropic with her winnings. Meanwhile, Yasir is supposed to build a gazebo for the city. However, the construction site turns into a archaeological dig site when an aboriginal artifact is found. Although Yasir is irked in that he can't do his work, Professor Krackle, the head of the dig, is irked even more by the consistent disruptions by his college colleague, Baber, the archaeologist wannabe.

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