li, an old friend of Amaar's from their law school days, passes by Mercy on his way to the coast. Friend is too strong a word as their relationship is based more on competition with each other rather than friendship, at least on Amaar's side. This competition continues as Ali is no longer a lawyer but like Amaar is an Imam, his cash rich mosque in the big city, Toronto. All the Muslims in Mercy love Ali, leaving Amaar feeling out in the cold. Despite needing to leave to continue on his journey, Ali decides to stay a few extra days to speak at the weekly services on the pleading of the Muslims in Mercy. With the advice of Reverend Magee, Amaar, jealous, feels like he needs to assert his superiority over Ali by delivering the most compelling service. When the service day comes, Ali and the weather deflate Amaar's plans. Amaar feels at the end of his rope when Ali shows his true colors to the Muslims in Mercy. But which persona is the real Ali? Meanwhile, a drought has hit Mercy and Rayyan suggests they convert the building into the first green mosque in the country. This plan faces some hurdles including some bad press.

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