ayor Popowicz, tired of having to use the public washroom at City Hall, decides, with Sarah's advice, to have a luxurious private bathroom/spa built off her office. Sarah has ulterior motives in suggesting such as she wants to use the spa herself. Despite a possible conflict of interest, Yasir wants the contract to do the work. Luckily, Yasir's bid is the lowest, primarily due to a cheap source of materials; he gets the contract. However, Yasir does whatever he can to stop the job from happening when his cheap materials source falls through and he has no way of completing the job without taking a major economic loss. The mayor does whatever she can to get her private spa, ultimately at the expense of the female public, especially those at City Hall. Baber is invited to deliver the keynote address at an economics conference in Chicago. He seems nervous and is adamant about not going. Rayyan learns directly from Baber that he is on the American no-fly list, which probably accounts for his nervousness. Rayyan and Amaar are incensed and think Baber should fight what is obviously racial stereotyping. While Fatima and Jamal stay with Layla (ultimately to Layla's exasperation), Baber, Rayyan and Amaar decide to drive to the closest American consulate - a four and a half hour drive away - to state their case. There, they run into a bureaucratic clerk who won't let them get past the front door, that is until Baber accidentally says the magic word. Rayyan and Amaar ultimately learn that Baber's story is not a clear cut as Baber implied.

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