ayyan has decided to accept J.J.'s marriage proposal. The Hamoudi household is ecstatic, except for Sarah, if only because she feels that it is the right of the mother of the prospective bride to tell the world that her daughter is getting married. But Yasir has beat her to the punch when he - off the cuff - mentions this fact to the mayor who in turn tells the rest of the townsfolk of Mercy. The only way that Yasir feels he can make it up to Sarah is to find someone - anyone - in Mercy who doesn't know the news so that Sarah can tell him/her. The only other person who is not ecstatic is Amaar, who is in love with Rayyan himself. But he is also confused. As Imam and Rayyan's friend, he feels he has a duty to support his friend both professionally and personally. What's worse is that J.J. needs a place to stay in Mercy and decides Amaar's the most appropriate place. However because of this close contact, Amaar gets some inside information to use against his new roommate: J.J. is a closet smoker, this probably against the wants of his future wife, the doctor. Amaar has to think long and hard about what he should do.

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