arah needs to find a runner to join her in a two-person team for a 10 km fun run, her team representing the mayor's office. She asks in order Rayyan then Yasir, mentioning to both that each is her only choice since she wants to spend quality time with each. Both turn her down. However, after reconsidering - in Yasir's case, with a little prodding by Amaar and Duncan - both Rayyan and Yasir agree. Sarah's problem then becomes who she will choose and how to tell the other that he/she was not her only choice. A further problem may arise for Sarah if either Rayyan and/or Yasir find out about her lie. Meanwhile, a new vegan store has opened in Mercy, Layla who has been frequenting it. Baber initially supports Layla's new shopping locale since Layla has been purchasing halal approved foods. However when Baber sees the interaction between Layla and the store's clerk Rivertree, Baber thinks that Layla is interested in this non-Muslim boy. He then forbids her to shop there since he doesn't trust her. Regardless if she is interested in Rivertree or not, perhaps Baber should place a little more faith in his daughter's judgment.

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