t the Mercy Small Business Awards, what's worse than Fatima losing the Small Businesswoman of the Year award to a dog groomer is that Small Businessman of the Year Yasir inadvertently refers to Sarah as Susan in his thank you speech. And what's even worse than that is that Yasir let's it slip to his wife that he was once engaged to a woman named Susan, a fact she never knew beforehand. Meanwhile, Amaar meets new Mercy Chronicle editor/reporter/newspaper-Jack-of-All-Trades Nate Shore when Amaar wants some publicity for the Mercy Mosque's new venture with the Mercy Meals program. Spending the day with Nate, who has non-Muslim sensibilities, proves to be a little too much for Amaar to handle, especially as Nate sees Amaar as his new best buddy. However, Amaar ends up defending Nate to his Muslim friends. Amaar ultimately has to make a decision on what to do with his new best friend.

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