nn offers Yasir a job as the town's building inspector, a job he accepts if only to approve his own renovations for Rayyan and J.J.'s house. But Ann buries him under a pile of past paperwork, which primarily consists of building infractions around town reported by one, Baber Siddiqui. But also in the overdue file is an actual building inspection. The building ends up not being to code, but what will Yasir do with the bribe he's already unknowingly accepted to approve the building? Ann, who knows about the historic process of bribes within the building inspection department, unwittingly provides Yasir with a wild idea to get out of this situation. Meanwhile, Nate has another buddy outing planned with Amaar: a double date. Amaar has trouble telling his date Jill - who continues to call him "Aimer" - or Nate that dating in the western sense is not allowed in Muslim culture. But Amaar has a change of focus on the situation when he learns that Jill didn't like him.

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