couple of people in Mercy are trying to get noticed. One is Sarah, who seems to be the only person in Mercy who has not been featured in the newspaper segment Nate's Notables. She'll do whatever it takes to get quoted in the feature. The other is Amaar, who after two years on the job, has never had a raise from his starting salary. Hard nosed Baber, the mosque treasurer, refuses to grant Amaar's demand. In fact, Baber would like Amaar to take a pay cut. Coming to Amaar's rescue is Fred, who appoints himself Amaar's negotiator. Fred suggests Amaar take drastic measures. One person who is trying to get a little less attention is Rayyan. J.J. has returned to Mercy and he and Rayyan have made up from the argument they had prior to him leaving. In their renewed close state, J.J. admits he wants to see Rayyan without her hijab. What's worse for J.J. is that he finds out Amaar has seen her hair before him.

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