asir has finished the renovations on the house that he and Sarah bought as Rayyan and J.J.'s wedding gift. Sarah and Yasir even personalized it by painstakingly choosing the interior color scheme. But Rayyan and J.J. may never live in the house as J.J.'s parents, for a wedding present for their son and future daughter-in-law, bought them a luxurious island. Rayyan is having trouble telling her parents of the Jaffer's gift, not only because it is in direct competition with theirs, but because it also means that she and J.J. may be moving to the island away from Mercy. Meanwhile, Amaar holds an Islam quiz night. The winner, the recipient of the lucrative grand prize of car mats, is an unlikely person: Reverend Magee. This fact irks know-it-all Muslim, Baber, who wants a rematch.

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