atima is depressed because of the lack of success in her life. To cheer her up, Layla and Fred send in her Lamb Fatima recipe to Bon Appetit magazine for possible publication, Lamb Fatima being probably the most popular item at the café. The recipe does get published, but will Fatima appreciate the gesture? Meanwhile, Amaar holds a series of group couples counseling sessions. Sarah wants to attend, but Yasir, who doesn't, tells a white lie that he has a renovation job and can't make it. His renovation job is assisting Baber in setting up his home entertainment system, Yasir in part doing it so that he himself can watch Baber's new satellite TV. In Yasir's place, Sarah takes Duncan to the sessions. The counseling sessions are illuminating both when Sarah finds out about Yasir's white lie, and when Sarah and Duncan seem to be the perfect married couple.

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