areem and Noora Jaffer, J.J.'s parents, have arrived in Mercy for J.J. and Rayyan's wedding, deemed the Mercy social event of the year. Everybody wants everything to be perfect, but things don't seem to be heading in that direction. First, Baber and Faisal are the direct cause of the mosque being invaded by mice. Second, Kareem insists that Yasir name the amount of the Mahr, the monetary gift J.J. and his family are to provide to Rayyan. Yasir and Sarah are in a quandary as they don't want the amount to be either considered too high or too low, naming an amount that isn't just right which may result in a strain between old friends Kareem and Yasir. And third, Noora seems to have a problem with Rayyan marrying J.J. When Rayyan finds out the reason, Rayyan promises Noora that she will not tell J.J. the reason, which may be a problem since Rayyan tells J.J. everything.

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