onfused with his own feelings about Rayyan and J.J.'s impending marriage, Amaar decides to go back to Toronto to his old life. There, his parents express their concerns about his life in Mercy. He treats all his encounters, even dates and his law clients, like he was counseling as an Imam. Back in Mercy, Baber is happy in his new old role as acting Imam, but no one else is happy. Yasir decides to go to Toronto to see if he can talk Amaar into coming back to Mercy. With Rayyan and J.J.'s engagement, J.J. finally gives Rayyan an engagement ring, the ring which is a family heirloom. It is a large ostentatious ring which Rayyan hates. She doesn't know whether to tell J.J. her feelings. But Rayyan also sees the ring as a symbol that J.J. does not really know her as a person, and she's not too sure if she wants to marry a man that doesn't know her deepest thoughts and feelings.

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