efore returning to Mercy, Amaar decides to make a pilgrimage to Mecca to re-energize his faith in Islam. Arriving in Mercy, he claims he is a humbler man. To make him prove this fact, Baber, who is still a bit angry that his own tenure as Acting Imam was not well received, makes Amaar reapply for his old job as Imam. Trying to be humble, Amaar does accept needing to reapply. Not making the process easy, Baber, as one of the stipulations, make Amaar memorize the second chapter of the Koran, something according to Baber that all good Imams should know by heart. Meanwhile, J.J.'s parents are swinging through Mercy while they are in Canada on other business. The Hamoudi's think their visit is an opportune time to hold an engagement party for Rayyan and J.J. Rayyan does not want an elaborate party but rather an informal small tea. What starts out as good intentions on Sarah and Yasir's parts to honor their daughter's wishes turns out to be a huge party out of circumstance. And Rayyan and Amaar are still tying to figure out what they mean to each other. Rayyan suspects her engagement to J.J. was the reason Amaar left Mercy in the first place. She also admits she has some feelings for him, an issue which she skirts around in some telephone messages she's left for him. Regretting the telephone messages, she tries unsuccessfully to retrieve them. She tells Amaar that he is free to listen or delete the messages as he sees fit. But in accessing the messages, Amaar reveals that he still does have feelings for his friend.

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