s usual, Baber and Fatima are arguing about everything. Layla and Jamal, witnessing the bad behavior of the respective parent, gets Reverend Magee's take on the situation: each is lonely and needs a companion. Layla and Jamal simultaneously agree the only place for people to meet nowadays is through cyberspace. Layla registers Baber on a Muslim dating site. Although initially suspect, Baber is intrigued that there seems to be a perfect match. Not wanting to get to know his match on cyberspace, he instead wants to meet her in person. Layla helps him through the process of setting up a real date. But Layla learns later through Jamal that Baber's date and dream woman is Fatima herself. Layla thinks it's not a good idea for Baber to keep his date, until Baber himself admits what he sees as his failures as a man and husband material. To help his self esteem, she encourages him to keep his date. Meanwhile, Sarah schedules a photo op for the Mayor, thinking it good publicity, but not thinking the Mayor, in her forthrightness, would come across as 'un-Mayoral'. Fred, in an unsolicited editorial directly to the mayor, says that one cannot have a Muslim i.e. Sarah as a PR person as Muslims are not supposed to lie. Who in Mercy is the best liar: he is. The mayor hires Fred on the spot. Sarah thinks that Fred is trying to muscle her out of her position, but Fred later admits that he has other professional sights. Sarah does whatever she can to neutralize Fred's plans. In his first sermon back as Imam, Amaar tells of the basic goodness of the Muslim people. He makes this statement before he realizes someone has stolen his shoes. Rayyan offers to search the sidewalks of Mercy to find who is wearing his shoes. Once he finds who took his shoes, Amaar's not sure how to get them back.

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