asir decides to join the Prairie Dog Lodge, a men's group based around hunting. Amaar and Baber can't understand his rationale for joining as Islam frowns upon killing. But Yasir sees dollar signs from joining from all the networking he can do to drum up clients for his construction business. But he has to get accepted first, no easy task as the lodge chief is Fred, who is suspicious of Muslims. But Fred also has ulterior motives in accepting Yasir as the lodge itself is in need of major repairs, and none of the existing members have the expertise to do the work. Once a member, will Yasir and his new lodge brothers be able to live in harmony, especially when Yasir is required to go on a hunting trip. Meanwhile, Rayyan is disappointed when - purely hypothetically - Sarah would not choose her to be her partner is a reality travel game show. Although Sarah does not use the word, others all have the same sentiment in not choosing Rayyan: she's too bossy. Rayyan tries to curb her bossiness to show her mother that they would make a good reality game show team.

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