asir buys a fixer-upper for Rayyan and J.J. to live in. Rayyan hates the house because it's a long way up from becoming a fixer-upper. But what's worse, Fred lives next door, and likes to suntan in his backyard. Fred does whatever he can to stop Rayyan from moving in, not so much because of her being a Muslim, but because of the probable massive renovations that Yasir would do which may obscure his access to tanning sun's rays. Fred's plan may backfire when Rayyan finds out something that would stop Yasir from renovating. Ultimately, the facts needs to be straightened out before Rayyan or Fred will be happy. Meanwhile, computer technology has taken over Mercy. Layla talks Fatima into advertising the free Wifi access from a source down the street to attract new customers to the café. And Amaar is offended when Layla consults the Internet about a spiritual matter instead of consulting with him. So he decides to give spiritual advice on-line.

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