ollowing his exhibition boxing match with Amaar, the match which Amaar won by a knockout, Reverend Thorne is sporting a neck brace and can barely move. Amaar learns the true nature of the reverend's injuries, and the reason for the brace. Meanwhile, Rayyan, the doctor, attends to an injured Baber at the mosque. As such, word goes around town that Rayyan makes house calls, a rumor she vehemently denies to all who will listen. Regardless, she is asked to make one house call after another, but it's Fred's calls, or his supposed calls, to which Rayyan does not respond. And Mother Hamoudi is having health problems of her own and Yasir is contemplating going to Lebanon to take care of her. Sarah, who has never got along with her mother-in-law - Mother Hamoudi did suggest that Yasir take a second wife - has to figure out a way to seem supportive while still holding a secret grudge against Mother Hamoudi.

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