ith Yasir away in Lebanon to take care of Mother Hamoudi, Sarah is running Yasir's business, most specifically the church contract, which is already four weeks behind schedule. As the reverend is threatening not to pay because of the delay, Sarah has to crack the whip with the subcontractors. Cracking the whip isn't Sarah's style, but it is Rayyan's. With the church and mosque shut down for the weekend because of the necessary electrical rewiring, Nate suggests to Amaar that he go camping. Despite not being a camping person, Amaar ultimately thinks it is a good idea as it will allow him to be alone and reflect quietly. But he will have to reflect in a noisy environment when Nate, Baber, Faisal and Fred tag along. But in their collective haste, they forget many of the necessary essentials for camping, such as food and shelter. And without transportation (as Joe, their driver, decided to not stay), the fivesome have to decide how to survive the weekend, not only without food and shelter, but also with each other. The fivesome becomes a sixsome when Amaar runs into another Mercyite communing with nature.

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