fter an off the cuff comment by Amaar, Nate prints in the newspaper that Amaar is going to lead the fund-raising drive to save the Mercy Arena from ruin. Although Amaar wants the arena to be saved, he doesn't want to lead the drive. But forced to do so, Amaar, after reading about it, thinks that the $100,000 money that comes with being named the town to host Kraft Hockeyville is the way to save the arena. To sway the voters of Kraft Hockeyville, Amaar, with Nate's help, is going to make a documentary movie about the hockey spirit in Mercy. Reverend Thorne, who has a minor in filmmaking, has other plans for the movie. Meanwhile, Sarah is still running Hamoudi Contracting in Yasir's absence. The Mayor has allowed Sarah only to finish the church contract, but is not allowed to take on any more contract work, or else be fired from her job at City Hall. Can Sarah keep it a secret from the Mayor that she's been contracted by Fred to renovate his bathroom?

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